If Everyone Is HAPPY With You, Then Surely You Have Made many COMPROMISES In Your Life. You Never Lose By Loving. You Always Lose By Holding Back.

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Faith Eileen Jean …

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LOL ! Ikr, when I saw it I had to download …

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About to pop at any given moment …

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I’m back (Even though you guys didn’t know I was gone) LOL !

My baby Milano, my labby, has been through hell & back with me but never dies or gives up on me. My labby stopped working on me since saturday. Whenever I logged on it wouldn’t go to my desktop. It would only stay on the black screen but after I went on safe mode & restored my labby, it works perfectly fine. 

My baby can’t leave me yet. I had it since sophomore/junior year in high school. She needs to make it through, lol.

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New post on my blog XD



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Janelle & Samiya

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I sorta went out last, Lol. I had a very good time ;)

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shoutout to those three followers who like and reblog literally everything you post

Lol, forreal. Y’all loyal

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Couples Walking Pose Pack by Nigalkins

Download [4shared]

Hello! I made this pose pack last Summer but I never got to releasing it. However, with valentines day a few days ago I thought it would be a good time to upload it. I know the poses aren’t perfect [Since they were done a long time ago] but they aren’t diabolical. The corresponding pose names are in the picture captions.  

Plus, please remember that these poses will vary depending on the weight and build of the sim, the facial and body sliders and the clothing and hair. Terms of Use. Thanks for reading, downloading and following!

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okay, so, these were some of the most requested poses! they are NOT pose list compatible, so the codes are on the pictures.. both here and in the zip. 

i use the resizer at 75% for most of these… again, they weren’t suppose to be uploaded so they’re not perfect.. you’ll have to mess with the heights, rotations, and even then there will probably be some clipping/extra space. 

but here you go! download them here! and the resizer here

if you’d like to… you should tag me in them if you use them, i really enjoy seeing your photoshoots/stories :) 

can you make it pose list compatible?I cant use them without poselist.Plzzzz