Hi, I'm Kimberly (Kim). 19. Pisces. College Student. A simblr. I enjoy playing the sims as much as you do. Don't worry, you are not alone. It's A Sim Thing. Doing One legacy. The Wilson Family. And I also do mini-stories, nothing major. I only follow simblrs & urban simblrs too. I Hope you guys enjoy my blog.

Oh my goodness

I am so ashamed of the Downloading cc that I just did & it’s all for my babies E’lynn & Smooth… BUT it’ll be worth it anyway.

Btw can someone do a tattoo request for me please? Anyone willing to do a tattoo for me? Thank you :)

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Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3





I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I will play my game (sims 3) I think… forever, ahahahaha
And what about sims 4… hmm, we will see ^^

Sticking with ts3! ^.^ for the pictures hehe! <3 

Team TS3 👊

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First dance

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~Please click the pictures for better previews~ it’s important that you read everything bellow, advice and links are down there ;p

Hello guys =D!! I have a new newborn pose pack for everyone =D! 59 poses dedicated to your little sims and their parents/relatives, I hope you like them ;)

Before downloading be aware:

On the zips they are pictures with codes BUT these pictures are NOT updated to the fixed glitches so don’t worry about those they are fixed, but if you do see any mistakes please contact me immediately because this was a big pose pack so errors are possibly going to appear =/ BUT I did my best so it didn’t XD

The poses for adults you see in cars, beds or couches do not need omsp BUT the objects and toddlers need.

For objects download the normal Omsp.

For toddlers I use 75% omsp and if you don’t or use a omsp lower than this one the poses will glitch because they were made to this number and not for others but that’s your choice =3 this is just an advice. 

The poses carrying the car seat, babies sleeping poses aren’t mine get them from plumbobpies.

Car seat by yosimsima

!! I did not put any of these things on the zips besides my poses and their codes, because they don’t belong to me and I don’t want to steal others creators work so please don’t forget to download this awesome creations ;)!!


  1. The Driver
  2. Adult male carrying the car seat used in couple pose way
  3. And Adult male kissing toddler while Adult female is holding it

ARE FOR SIMS WITH HEIGHT SLIDERS, but used with omsp (linked above) or pose player add-on and it will be fine their shouldn’t be any problems =3 and besides these using the holding car seats ones not in a couple way makes them look completely normal so no problema ;)

I think that is all now the download XD!

Box | Media | Mega

Contact me if you see any problems but please check all of these before because it can be just a misunderstanding ;)

And thats really all XD Kisses and cookies (::)


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Birthday & Follow Gift For You.(*‘ v`*)

[Little M] Flower Shirt for male

Model : Corn & Mo & Hyun

├For Male

├2-3 Recolorable channels

├8 Design

├Download»   MF  or    Dropbox

├DO NOT re-upload my creation ┤

Hello guys, August 3rd is my birthday, so I do this gift for you.

Hope you like.(*´∀`)~♥ LOVE you all.

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Hey! This is Raul Dias! Since I’m going on holiday, I’ve set up a queue that posts more frequently than I do!

Skin | Eyes | Hair | Eyebrows | Facial Hair | Lips (Dry lips) Eyebag 1/2 | Top

You can download the sliders I use here! (all credit goes to the sliders’ original creators)

Download - .sim or .sims3pack

Feel free to change his hair/clothes, do not claim him as your own.

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Followers Gift 4 and 5 

Important Read (Sorry for posting gifts late)

These are all decor items besides play mat (in gift #5) it is functional but you will need this File or Midnight Hollow toy machine which comes from Ea Store Or it won’t work.

Followers Gift 4 Includes 

  • High Chair (Sculptures)
  • Large Stroller (Sculptures)
  • Double Stroller Deco (Sculptures)
  • Diaper Bag (Plants)
  • Baby Dance Radio (Plants)

Followers Gift #5

  • Baby Swing (Sculptures)
  • Diaper Bag (Sculptures)
  • Playmat ( Kids Furniture)
  • Jumperoo

Credits here 

Converted by Me.

Please do not put up direct downloads on other sites *hint* *hint*

Sorry for no .package files I forgot. 



Note * I may be busy more or so school starts this week and I will be busy so sorry if conversions come later I still will try to convert on the weekends. 

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Anabela by Jotape



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Cute couple poses. Download here All Creds goes to lucian-silwermoon

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Royal Childrens Hospital by RomerJon17


Mod The Sims


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