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This is so pretty! I want something like this for my wedding

Yasssssss ! this is soooo pretty .

Yet another inspiration …. again, lol.

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 beautiful;  Wedding;  


handling first time parenting with grace

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Yeaaa …….

Been In CAS prepping the simmies sent to me for the wedding and meeting of the twins xD

I’m quite satisfied & happy :)

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The Pines by Jotape

The Pines is a modern and luxurious condominium with curved roofs. Features 40 apartments (39 NPC), indoor pool, hot tub, laundry room, 2 elevators, 9 garages and garden. 

The apartment features 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, living room with dining area, entrance hall, 0.5 bathroom, kitchen, 4 balconies and a garage for 1 car. 



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Current situation …

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unedited because im lazy, working on a wedding venue for myself and it’s taking forever

Gah I can’t even… this is soooooooo gorgeous

This just gave me inspiration. Want your simmies to attend Smooth & E’lynn’s Wedding? Send them over here please :) Deadline is this saturday 10/4/14 

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do u know any good themes that would fit my blog and could we be friends (^.^)


Hi boo :)

Tbh I have no clue only because I stick to the same blog but I always change the theme but under the same blog  (if that makes sense). So I haven’t really explored outside of my blog since I joined tumblr. But I’m sure if you google then you’ll find some good ones.

Yess, my love. Of course we can be friends xD

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Mary and Colin’s wedding finally happened..
There are way more pictures.. 

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I don’t normally take requests or suggestions, but when someone approached me about some simple sitting poses to use in things like weddings and funerals, I thought why not?

There aren’t too many out there from what I know of, anyway.

Set includes two female, two male, and two child, one a bit more poised than the other, and two bonus poses for mama and baby. Their expressions are pretty neutral, slight smiles but nothing too obvious should they be used in a more somber occasion.

Somethings to consider when using. Cutting is one, clearly, sims who use custom body sliders should expect different results. For the men, if you use Bloom's muscle slider ( and/or Jonha's shoulder width slider ), to better adjust the hands make full use of the shoulder twist and arm twist sliders. I did adjust the upper skirt node for the lady poses, but avoid certain dresses with fuller or lengthier skirts to achieve the best results. This applies to the child poses as well, since the one with the hands on the lap will either cut through bigger dresses, or be swallowed up.

I also suggest you download this mod when posing sims using height sliders. It has a Move option to minimize floating.

  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_1
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_2
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_3
  • image a_noelyely_simplesit_4
  • image c_noelyely_simplesit_5
  • image c_noelyely_simplesit_6



  • a_noelyely_simplesit_bonus1 ( mommy ) p_noelyely_simplesit_bonus2 ( baby )

List and No List included in download, only install one.



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Some quick poses I made, which honestly most my storytelling poses are, so they’re not super or anything. I did go back and adjust some things though, mainly the hands.

Since I did make them for myself originally, they’re pretty much fit for my rather slider heavy sims. So the arms, on the male especially, is technically cutting through the female’s leg in Blender, because I’m a firm believer of the shoulder drop slider.

Sorry, not sorry.

Some clever moving about should help it fit well with most sims though. :)

They’re floor height, so you can use them anywhere with the help of an OMSP, and they are NOT poselisted.

So be sure to keep the following info handy;

  • a_noelyely_bedsnuggles_1 ( male, ‘necking’ girl )
  • a_noelyely_bedsnuggles_2 ( female, ‘being necked’ )
  • a_noelyely_bedsnuggles_3 ( male, ‘cupping’ girl )
  • a_noelyely_bedsnuggles_4 ( female ‘being cupped’ )

Okay, when you’re done huehuehueing over the descriptions, you can download them here;


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