If Everyone Is HAPPY With You, Then Surely You Have Made many COMPROMISES In Your Life. You Never Lose By Loving. You Always Lose By Holding Back.

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YaYa finally dropped them juicy babies. August is up hanging out with her mama. Chauncey, on the other hand, is full of milk. Guess it knocked him and his daddy out. 

Yup I was too lazy to do a hospital scene .>_>

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spladoum replied to your post “monolithsims replied to your post:Someone …. PLEASE inspire me again…”

… weren’t you doing a bachelor’s challenge? :D Do it for your lonely girl!

Awwhh, you’re right… I missing somethings thats why, but ill play some tonight …

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I can relate to this. Hard.

Like I’m already doing a legacy but before I use to actually play & just snap pictures along the way but now I just go in game to just take pictures. It’s really crazy … & boring sometimes.

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Someone …. PLEASE inspire me again …

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I’m over college…. a

That moment when you late to class only because the damn bus won’t come -___-

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My OMSP Resizer makes the objects look strange, like they look less tall but more wider :( Do you have idea why? Do you have them merged?

I have idea :( I actually got my OMSP resizer through a download I had downloaded long ago.

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But we still got each other though ..

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thank you

You’re welcome :)

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They don’t want to see us together for what ?

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