If Everyone Is HAPPY With You, Then Surely You Have Made many COMPROMISES In Your Life. You Never Lose By Loving. You Always Lose By Holding Back.

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Welp ….

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Alrighty, I fixed it.

Twisted bob 1990s-ish style…

Credits: Original mesh by Nightcrawler, edited by me, textures by me.


Enjoy <3

Take it if you want it

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Nightcrawler AM 07

  • Male, teen-elder
  • Mesh by Nightcrawler
  • Textures by Pastry-box and Hoz
  • aWT AS action, control by me
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Model by Sugarballoon
  • Any problems please message me

Download: mediafire

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I feel like tweaking her face some more -___-

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Baby, tonight’s the night I let you know

Baby, tonight’s the night we lose control

Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that

Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had …

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Goodness ! They are so competitive -__-

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Tehehe, every game Lydia & Eloi play, she always loses. 

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Love Machine - You guys should get a room …

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Their cuteness is killing me *__*

Can’t imagine what their babies will look like ,

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No one’s got me like you got me …

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